The Unshed Tears…

7 July, 2008


The rainy tears of Sky

Drenching the earth

Cleansing it of impurity

Despicable and vile.

Relief writ large

On the face of the earth

Its happiness and mirth

Making it heave a sigh

To be rid of all the vile.

My eyes, too, like the sky

Shed tears

Warm and salty

That burn my soul

All the more.

It burns my being

Hurts my esteem.

But mere the look

Of my misty eyes

Brimming tears

Quivering nostrils

Brings sadistic mirth

Joy and rejoice

To the face of all

Who wait to see me lurch,

Break down and be hurt,

Go weak, whimper and cry.

I wish I had been

The cloudy sky!

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