The Development…

1 May, 2008


I have been going to the physiotherapist and do exercises under his guidance. But while my physical self is busy in motion my mind works at a much faster speed gauging at all the reasons that might had gone wrong! “Did you have some injury?” the doctor asked. “I don’t remember exactly.” I replied. I thought hard of some incident when my shoulder must have been injured. I think of some but waive off the thought.

My sole concern is to make my shoulder work. The machines I work on look intimidating as if challenging me to action. I take up the challenge and start working with a vigour. I am really amazed at the stubbornness of my arm that would not straighten up despite my best efforts. I would order, request and cajole the poor thing but it would not listen to me.

One thought on “The Development…

  1. Naveen Devkaran

    Dear Mam

    Hope you are now doing fine and the shoulder has headed to your requests, cajoling and love.
    take care mam and keeping posting these great articles.

    Naveen Devkaran
    Electrical NITH 92 batch

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