My Priority these days…

17 April, 2008


It is time that I start seriously the process of my “physical Overhauling”! I am really in a bad physical state. Can you imagine how does it feel when you are not bale t ostrech your arm to its full length? It feels terrible. I feel so helpless and wish like untangling some nerves that may be restricting the movements. I look at my arm and hand and wonder how could it happen to it? This hand of mine has helped me put to words my thoughts on paper and computer, has drawn and painted innemerable paintings and designs and has even untangled lengths of yarns both for knitting, stiching and embroidery purposes. It had worked witjout ever making a murmer of protest for such a long time but suddenly now it has refused to listen to me.

Looking back I find that it was trying to give me signals in its own little way about it being not well but did I ever listen to it? No. I would just discard all such messages as my wild imagination. I remember that it started with some pain in my index finger and I was a little alarmed but thought it to be my imagination of overworked nerves! Next it was pain in my upper arm especialy during the nights when I would try to move the quilt over my head. I once again thought it to be a result of some overwork and tiredness.

I would talk about this pain during the day to my friends but would never think of doing something in this matter. But when I realized the problem, it had worsened. I lie on the floor and try streching my arms over my head but one of the arms would be short by few inches!

Last night i slept on floor so that I could strech my arms at night whenever the urge came to me to strech them. I am really worried about my poor state of health as my near and dear ones are eqyally alarmed. But as I am a fighter, I would fight it and finish it. This arm of mine is such a good one that despite being in pain it still is helping me to put my random thoughts to words. Can you ever think of a better friend? I’ll take care of you my beloved arm, don’t you bother.

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