Nothing Has Changed for Women….

29 February, 2008


The Roman law

The aisle of the church

Men at their whims

Accusing fingers

At hapless victims

Judgmental power

Corrupting the patrons

Of blindness

Bias and inquest


The voiceless victims

Women weak and desolate

Lonely, forlorn and frail.

But charged with

Black magic and witchery

To practice sorcery!

We are enlightened

Free and liberated

Of age old rituals

Of persecution

And biased execution

But in name only!

Imagined conspiracies

Biases and fallacies

Working undercurrent


To persecute

Torment and harass

Resulting in

Psychic weariness

In the name of

Justice and fair trial!


Nothing has changed

The men enjoy

Inflicting hard deadly blow

Covered with soft covers

To the pride and dignity

Of the handful few

Who take a stand

Rise against wrongs

To challenge and question

The erroneous deed

Unjustified pains inflicted

The tortures hurled

And pay a price

With a blow to

Their female dignity

And life!

And then they say

You have come

A long way baby!

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