Why do I hurt her?

04 February, 2008


Why do I hurt her?

By words gestures

Using sarcasm and jeer

Bring out precious tears

From her dreamy eyes

Where her pain lies

Open and wounded

Giving away the view of

Her soul trampled and injured.

Do I love making her weep.

Cry and sob and whimper

For my care, hug and pat

To be comforted

In a warm embrace?

I play indifferent

Put a mask of aloofness

Put aside my face

To hide the wetness

On my cheeks

That my tears unashamedly

Speak and foretell

My pain and grief

At hurting my own child?

I want to save you from hurt

Pain and disgrace

Hurled by others

Who would in name of love

Make you see break down

And would regale

In the ego and supremacy

Of an egoistic male.

I want you to toughen up

From outside and inside

To take the world

Cruel and apathetic

In your stride.

Because as your mother

I can see the frailty


And vulnerability

That awaits you

My daughter!


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