The Faustian Souls….

7 February, 2007


Don’t shy away,

And look elsewhere,

I won’t question the

Motives and fears

That made you

Turn against me!


But I honestly think

And wonder aloud

What made you

Behave the way you did?


Was it greed?

Pressure or fear?

That made you plead

Proclaim and swear

Statement full of falsehood?


Surprised and shocked

At names that unrolled

Years of togetherness

Of pain and happiness.

The moments of raptures

And unshed tears

Spent together!


Dear friends and colleagues

I don’t question

The motives and fears

That made you glare

An accusing eye

A pointing finger

At one who still

Craves for your wellbeing

And shudder at

The weight of burden

That your Faustian souls

Might be

Shuddering under!



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