My Masked Existence…

7 February, 2008


How can I share your pain,

Anguish and distress?

When I inhabit another world,

A different sphere

And a different realm?

When I don’t even hear

Your quivering voice

A resonating, trembling

Shaking sound,

Pleads for listening


Sharing your pain.

At loss of trust,

Breach of faith,

A knife at the back.

You seek conviction


Of my love and support

But thinking of the

Next meeting


I nod my head

Hug automatically

Machine like

Robotic movement

And putting on

Another mask

Move ahead to

Another world.

Where I laugh and smile

Hug and applaud

But am really in

A make-believe world

Of masked appearances.

Don’t blame me

For my apathy

As I don’t even know

The world I

Belong to?

I have learnt only

To put on mask

To fit the ceremony!

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