Thankyou Dear…


The Mother and the daughter

A very strange revelation has made me see my entire dear and near ones in a light that made me proud of them all! Be it my mother who retired as a school teacher and knows the nitty-gritty of the government service or my mother-in-law who never went to a school but came out as a very educated person by her terse remarks. Both of them were unanimous in declaring that self dignity is what makes a person a human being. I had known it all along that my mother knows the die-hard spirit that I possessed so such a remark was not surprising. But when my mother-in-law also spoke of the similar sentiment I knew it was something to do with the inherent power that women possess and this power comes to them only when they have been pushed against the wall. For my daughters I am not a coy or a “head bowed down” kind of a mother and they don’t like me for being treated as such. It is not the wrinkles on my face and the hollowed cheeks that they seem to notice but the “head held high” attitude that makes them proud of their mother. I am happy that they understand without my telling them that beauty is but skin deep and it is the attitude that matters.

I am grateful to you all for being such a support! 

3 thoughts on “Thankyou Dear…

  1. Shashank

    Not only your daughter but ,i m sure even your students, see in you a no less than divine embodiment of never say die atitude…You bring with yourself an unfazed dignity and perhaps the most important ,the quality to stand up and be counted against the wrong even when the tide of power threatens to wipe you aside…

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