What is Dharma?

The difference between right and the wrong.

The difference between what is moral and immoral.

Dharma teaches and guides us as to what should be done and what should not be done when in a dilemma.

But what exactly is Dharma?


2 thoughts on “Dharma…

  1. hello Mam

    mam mujhe himachal ke jitne bhi devi-devta hai unke mandir ke photo chaiye maine ek website bana rahi hoon plz agar aapke pass hain to mujhe send kar dijiye

  2. i would answer this in respect to a modern man;
    the thing that a man of today preaches and hardly follows is dharma;
    a thing which i have seen teachers teaching to their students and not following themselves is dharma;
    a thing man worshiping god and in return not asking for anything is dharma;
    a thing which parent of today teach their children and forget to apply themselves is dharma;

    the things man has forgotten today is dharma;

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