2 thoughts on “Alumni Meet 2007—2

  1. Sandeep Jindal

    Looking back, 21 years indeed was a long time when entered first in Hamirpur, 17 years when left the town last.

    Thousands of memories, tracing the acquaintance in every face, professors, college staff, local shop keepers, Jalabi wala, Samose wale Puri Sahab,Uphaar Shop, Ajanta Photo Studio, Artist Deep Kanga, Librarian, Bank Manager Mr RANA( who incidently met as he happened to be in town after ten years), Guard (Now care taker at Mani Mahesh), local beautiful girl who now happened to be College Proff wife, main Gate, Room in Kailash Hostel, Dormatary and most memorable TIN SHED class room and what not we got in ALUMINI meet , an addition to warmth of Madam Saroj loving HUG, dynamism of New Director and a great arrangements( which led to repend for NOT bring the Family)

    Artist Deep Kanga handed over the first hand written MAGAZINE of REC in 1988 (incidently written by me), so thoughtful of him.
    The overall experience was unforgettable one like the stay at Hamirpur 20 yaers back.

    On the top of it , was the Madam Saroj’s persoal touch.

    Thanks Worthy Director and Dynamic Team

  2. Satyan Sood

    Hi Maam, this is your Aldus Huxley (of 95-99 batch)if you remember! Was just surfing the net on one of the rec yahoo groups and pop came your name. got the link and opened the blog. Its simply wonderful, has been a good eight years since I left the institute but your blog got back flashing memories, all the masti me and my friends did during college, my first day at the college (I ended up at the second gate and came back searching for your house to the first gate), your classes which I mostly enjoyed, those requests for bunks and all that. It would be nice to talk to you mam. I am presently stationed in Gurgaon.

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