Alumni Meet 2007—1


Welcome to our Beloved Alumni

Alumni Meet—2007

When the Past met the Present to Plan for the Future

May 26, 2007

The mood was ecstatic. The ambience was that of a much awaited ceremony at home when the children, gone away long back, would be coming home. Time for reunion when we would be talking of so many things of the past when all the pretensions would be shed and we would be as honest to each other as possible!The preparation was well in swing. The plans being laid out meticulously so that nothing ever goes wrong! Each one of us was excited as if it was a personal agenda to welcome all those who, too, were as eager as we all were—the students who would be visiting us after such a long time. There was a feeling of euphoria that can be best described in the words of Rahi who said, “I wanted to go to Una in the morning to escort my friends back to Haqmirpur!” The weather god was especially benevolent as the sky was covered with clouds and the scorching May heat had given way to soothing weather so characteristic of Himachal. We hoped it would not rain. Getting up earlier than usual, I finished the household chores in a jiffy and wanted to rush to the college. Though I knew that the bus that was sent to bring the proud alumni back to their alma-mater would not reach before 11 AM, I wanted to be in the college to see the decoration and other arrangements. During all this a thought kept nagging me all the while and I wondered—how would I be able to place my students, especially the first and second batch students who would be meeting us after 17—18 years! On way to the Institute I saw a young boy dressed in white shirt and black pants walking to the college. The first Alumni I saw that morning. Though, honestly speaking it was difficult to place him even when he told his name and batch but the emotional connection that I felt was so wonderful to meet someone from the years gone by!  We walked together and reached the auditorium but not a soul was in sight. I was told that there were a few alumni who had gone to the ManiMahesh Hostel. So we decided to go to that Hostel. I wanted to know who the others were. Someone who had driven all the way from
Delhi was sleeping, another one having a bath and some others had wandered off to the college savoring all the great changes that welcomed them. Sanjay Das and parminder met us in the college. Parminder—and the face evoked a memory of a very naughty boy who was a permanent fixture at the Ranjhe da Dhaba! He looked every minute a gentleman in a sophisticated suite and why would he not as he lives in
Vancouver and had come all the way from such a distant place. Sanjay Dass had come from Gujrat. A little heavy in weight he carried the same innocent smile when he said, “Ma’am, it was your mail that made me come to attend this meet!” I was really touched by this remark and the sincerity it was spoken with. We chatted a lot talking about so many whose names didn’t make much sense at this point of time. We all were waiting for the bus from Una to bring more of the alumni to Hamirpur.
The morning heralded the kind of day to follow. It was a beautiful day, a memorable day that would help us relive and enjoy the freshness of this momentous day for a long time to come. More to follow….

2 thoughts on “Alumni Meet 2007—1


    Thanks for such a vivid description……although i perhaps just can’t imagine how u would be feeling…….i could imagine how i would be feeling while coming for another such meet may be some years later!! A proud alumnus of NITH!

  2. mam there was a time when i felt very bad while leaving my home to study at NIT,hamirpur but now i feel how will i face that moment when i have to leave this college next’s going to be difficult.. but it will be matter of pride when we will get opportunity to come back for our alumni meet.. and i hope then also u’ll write such a beautiful blog for us..

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