Words that proved so prophetic…



A note at the time of saying goodbye…

The mood is nostalgic these days as the countdown for the first ever alumni meet has started. I am searching for the old letters, cards and keepsakes that are so precious to me, even today! One such is a small note written by Leena of the 1996—1990 batch when it was the time to say goodbye. It was so difficult to say good byes that a piece of paper, with some words written on it, helped her to say it all and for me to read between the lines, all these years.

In her impeccable handwriting what she wrote, some seventeen long years back, holds the universal truth. Yes, our lives are routine, we are bound by certain immediate concerns that make it difficult to travel back, all the time, to days gone by but the truth that somewhere deep inside remains a pleasant memory of the good old associations. Is it not what is more important to carry forward such memories that add sweetness to your life! This small piece of paper that I scrouched from an old bundle, holds inside it, such a plethora of memories. All these memories come up these days, at all times of the day, as the first ever alumni meet is close at hands.

I am waiting to see all those confident middle-aged men and women whom I had seen as young vulnerable boys and girls some twenty years back!

2 thoughts on “Words that proved so prophetic…

  1. chao

    Here is a sigh for those who like me,
    Here is a smile for those who hate me,
    And what so ever is the sky above me,
    Here is a heart for every heart.

    I do not know remember who said that. I do not even remember whether this was the exact quote. But dear ma’m, you are an epitome of the above four lines.

    I am pleasure to see during the alumni meet… graceful as ever, beautiful as ever. We are dying to see your alumni meet related blog.

    Me apart even my 5 year old freaked out during the alumni meet. As we drove back he threw a tantrum & kept on repeating …. no home, i want to go to papa’s hostel! Like father like son !!!

  2. Kukkad


    Its actually difficult to expresss this meet in nutshell. Someone as expresive as saroj mam can only put words together to describe this meet and belive me every Hour I am searching to see something loaded here on this site though I was part of the action.

    Mam cant wait now.

    I have also decided to make a comparison between what we saw as a college and what college is now.


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