Another Milestone…Nescafe Kiosks on the Campus


The Perfect Blend of Red and Green….

18 April, 2007

Another Milestone…Nescafe Kiosks on the Campus  Nescafe Kiosk has come at two strategic points at National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur—one near to the Manimahesh Boys’ Hostel where it caters to the cravings of the Big Boys the Institute and the other at the entrance to the main Administrative Block where most of the students have their classes as well. This I find to be a very strategic position.

As I watched the bright red coloured Nescafe kiosk inviting us to have the-cup-that-cheers, I was reminded of good old days when we used to sit on a wooden bench, with shaky three legs and some bricks making up for the missing fourth leg, under a tree at a place that now leads to Computer Department. It was a tin shed, Chai-ka-Dhaba, where the groups of students and teachers would sit and discuss many a matters, over endless cups of tea! No, it didn’t have cups—porcelain cups, neither it had the fine disposable use-and-throw cups—it had glasses of the cheapest possible range. The tea would be made in front of our eyes on a kerosene stove and no one would ever murmur about the smell of the kerosene! No one would ever comment upon the water quality or the unhygienic condition of the Dhaba. We saw the tea being boiled in front of out eyes and the aroma of the boiling tea leaves would fill our nostrils with a craving for more. Though we had not heard of the super-duper slogan “Yeh Dil Maange More!” These days the tea makes its special appearance from the mechanical machines and the process of its making remains hidden in the maze of the machines itself. Perhaps some super brains of the Royal Mechanical branch might unravel the mystery to me during one of the class seminars where I listen to them in admiration, open mouthed, when they talk of such marvels of science.

Now who would think of an innovative ides gulping down a cup of tea whose very origin is questionable to an old fashioned person like me. On the other hand the brewing of the tea in an aluminum kettle on a kerosene stove would open the channels of the brain of the persons having it. Many a discussions, heated and deadly battle plans were thought of sitting under the tree that provided shed to the three legged bench. I am really missing the bench. This bench was the most comfortable place to sit and have tea. These days the most comfortable ergonomically designed chairs in the canteen are not able to provide that comfort level or is it that our old bones prick our very being these days! But then we have come a long way and have many a things that make us vie for top in the field of Technical Education and Nescafe Kiosk is one of them! The old Dhaba was sacrificed as it looked as a blot to the beautiful tech savvy campus whereas the Nescafe kiosk is like a beauty spot adding to the mystifying techno-savvy kingdom!

10 thoughts on “Another Milestone…Nescafe Kiosks on the Campus

  1. Very nice piece of comparison made by saroj madam of old days and the present. That old dhaba was run by the thin bearded fellow and we, the students, use to call him ” Ranjha” and ofcourse the name of the dhaba was ” ranjhe da dhaba”. This piece of blog of Saroj madam is making me more resoved to see my old college. Well I am joining the alumni meet on 26th and 27th May.

  2. Where are you? It is not that I miss the old ways of life, I miss the old students as well! I am looking forward to meet to all during the ensuing alumni meet. Though the “Ranjhe do dhaba” may not be there today but the number of “Ranjhas” has definitely increased, thanks to Juice Bar and the Nescafe kiosks! 🙂

  3. Kukkad

    The old Ranjhas of 90,91,92 and 93 batch are are reuniting at the reunion. I only hope we get to see our one time heer of our times. Azam pray and enure your ex heer doesnot meet your current heer. Good luck. Looking forward to see you again and this time out of your office in the same “Maahual” as we parted.



  4. Anuj Lakhanpal


    I had thought i would not write a comment, just surf through your enticing reflections. But the quest for tea and charm of the surroundings created a urge i could help myself but to join your club of “ideal tea” club.

    Not only best tea was that which was served at Ranjha’s or the Madan’s stall but till today i still search and stop at road side stalls serving the same style broth. Added to the taste was the company of friends and those imperious trees that created shelter from sun.

    The vending machines can never have the feelings and face with which the tea was served at these stalls. However perfect the machines, at times tea without sugar would open so many avenues of debates, discussions and memories not only with friends but with perfect strangers.

    Of all the people i really wanted to meet on a late evening when i happened to be on campus about ten years after passing out, was Ranjha. I was let down in my pursuit as i was told that he rarely comes to the campus.

    May god bless him with good health?

    This is a nice blog and i could not stop writing on busy day at the desk.

    And yet i forget to mention that you were one of the best, actually best in my book, teachers – who really stood up to the real definition of teachers – inspiring, cajoling and knowledgeable.

    Thank you

  5. Satyan Sood

    Hello Maam,

    I am at it again, your unhibiting style of writing has enticed to jot down a few lines. I still savour the flavour of the band samosa and band omlette along with the steaming hot tea at Ranjhas. Memories of Babajis khoka in front of Kailash also is afresh. Having spent four years savouring the entcing flavours at these places I abhor the flavour of the tea-coffee served by these kiosks using automated machines. I am fully for the old world charm of the tea made using our primitive ways. May be for the IT gennext of today these joints are a fashion statement but these don’t work for me.

    The warmth of the person preparing the tea and serving it to you is lost.

    But then also hurrah for the progress made at college.

  6. Nice blog. What a shame that in this time and age everything has to be so “instant” with no time to sit down and reflect while you wait for your drink or meal to be prepared…

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