Letter to My Little One–46


Impregnating Mind Blocks…

17 April, 2007

Dear Little One,

Just remember one thing—Microsoft wouldn’t have been there if Bill Gates had not had a dream to do what a number of suitably qualified people never dreamed of doing! Shattering a mind block that you need a professional Degree to do something big and great!

Stallman went further ahead to develop another Operating System to provide people with! It was perhaps a daunting task as he had to fight and come up when average minds had standards in their mind. And you know how hard it is to make such people see reason, howsoever good a reason it may be. Shattering the myth that certain programmes are beyond change!

Brin and Larry achieved another landmark when they turned their dream project into a dream organization for millions of professionals! They dared to dream when others might have thought of toeing to conventional project! Shattering the myth that Project works are a mundane part of curriculum and nothing innovative can go into them!

But if the same freedom is not availed by others–to do what seems unachievable–it is the failure of the individual as the systems work in a regimented way but there are people who make their own ways! You may say that all these are grerat people then you forget a fact very conveniently that none of them were great till they achieved the unachievable–breaking the mind block!

We all, in our small, but significant ways, can take one little step in the direction of doing something that might be unattainable from the point of view of some people having closed minds. Who stops us? Only our own mind blocks and yes, of course, other block heads as well. We may not have control over what others think or do but we do control ourselves and it is here that we must improvise and take contol of, not things around us, but over our ownself.

It might need to break away some stereotypes but what is the harm? Make your own way where you find none and see the change this excitement would bring to you. And, moreover, if all people start acting as prototypes of a few–imagine the kind of world we would be living in! Dear Little one, at the end of a day you should not have a feeling that you didn’t give your best and that is what matters in life above all other things!

Though it is very difficult to impregnate a mind block with fresh whiff of air. But make a way where you have none. Think differently and take stance. Who knows one day…

Think hard.



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