What Do I Search For?

14 April, 2007

What do I search for,

Moving from

One room to another?

Opening cupboards,

Watching clothes

Still stacked

Neat and clean.

Waiting endlessly for

You all to come

Come back to me;

To the rooms

So empty and bare;

Bereft of love and care

That you all filled

The rooms, the space

And my life with!

I take in my hands

Put close to my face

The clothes smelling

Of your body odour

Still fresh and lovely.

Refresheningly healing

Touching and feeling

Bringing reminiscence

Of brightness and colour.

That filled the home

With reverberation

Colour, music

And songs.

Hard rock blaring

Making feet to tap

And eyes dance

The lips widening

In smile so pure.

That even today

I hang around

For you to come

To be around,

One more time!


2 thoughts on “What Do I Search For?

  1. Bhavna Verma

    A wonderfully written poem by a composer who is so calm and composed herself. Saroj Bhabhji through this poem has brought up the true and pure emotions of a mother hoping to be with her family. It potrays solitudness in a very beautiful way which can bring tears to your eyes but at the same time touches your heart very deeply. A story of all mothers, words will be less to appreciate this poem.

  2. I get the same feeling what I get when I read Mahadevi Verma. I come to this blog page to enrich with thought provoking writings and poems. Excellent work! BTW, no recent articles on Mahabharat? What about something on Eklavya!


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