Meeting My Eyes in the Mirror…

March 14, 2007

Listening to what

My heart declares

I end up fighting

System ruthless


And unfair

Lacking empathy

And compassion

The system that

Closes with a cold stare

Stops and blockades

All channels and ways

To reach out or vent off

My genuine

Pains and hurts

The deep cuts of past

My old wounds

Pop up afresh

The old scars

Profound and vast.


Why can’t I be

Like anyone else

Moving along

Singing and brimming

Songs to eulogize

Closed doors

Blockaded channels

The broken hearts

The trampled egos

Still smiling

The mirthless smile

That says it all

My eyes wide and awake

See the morals fall

The ethics shatter

In personalized gains

And selfish matters

Can I be impassive

Silent and mute

And eulogize

The falling values

Changing attitudes?


But I register protest

Rise and revolt

To wake up and fight

With my little might

Frail weak and old

But brave and bold

I rise and shout and yell

My lone voice

Might fail to reach

Awaken, inform and tell

But every new day

My face seems to say

To its reflection in mirror

I fought hard and tough

To the best that I could

After an endless strive

And a failed endeavor

I could with pride

Meet my eyes

Proudly in the mirror









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