A Drop of Tear

March 07, 2007

The aching heart

The smiling face

The bouncing gait

Glory and pride

The pleading pain

What I show

And what I hide

Only I would know.

A hurt and a wound

That seemed to heal

But underneath the apparent

It hurts the very being

I smile and laugh

Giggle and clown

A tear from somewhere

Trickles down

Making my eyes

Watery and red

Is it a tear that

Tickles down


Is it the sanguine

Water of the wound

That the outer cover

Unable to hold

Sends to the eyes

That have seen it all

Rise and fall

And still search

For a cue

That you, only you



3 thoughts on “A Drop of Tear


    Hats off! Really a masterpiece! Especially since I can somehow personally relate with every line of this poem. Feel like reading it, reading it and go on reading over and again. I wonder if i would ever be able to write so perfectly. 🙂 Brilliant work indeed.

  2. Meri Maa mughe apne paas bulale kyun tune mughe ittani door bhej diya hai ke tera LaL tere darshano ke liye tarash gaya hai. Ma main teri seva karna chahta hoon. Mughe apne charno main todi si jagah do ma.
    Mukesh Rai

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