Its Your Life…

February 21, 2007

Cannot even curse you

To suffer till infinity

Like Ashwathama

You would fill the universe

With painful existence

As more you live

Not joys and happiness

But pains would you give

To all who love you,

As you are born to suffer

And cause sufferings

To those around you.

Drona would have not

Suffered humiliation;

The jeering laughter

Of his friend Drupad,

Had it not been for

His love for the hungry son

Craving for milk

That poor he could not

Get for him.

Became a Rajguru

To earn and fill

His son’s life with

All the pleasures

Wealth and money

And the royal friends

For a company!

A Rajguru remained mum

A Dharma knowing

Bestowing teacher

Watched a young woman

Disrobed and humiliated

All because of his son

Whose future rosy and glowing

Was all that he craved!

Sided with the Kauravas

Though knew it well

In his heart

But could not tell

The dharma was with

The Pandavas!

But his son

His Ashwathama

A precious part

Of his being.

Did he achieve

All that glory and fame

That his poor father

Had worked hard to gain?

Had Drona known

The future of his son

Roaming the limitless universe

Injured forehead

Stinking and bleeding

Living till eternity

To suffer his ignominy

Would Drona sided

With the unjust?

Or had taken the side

Of those who wanted

Him to speak at least

As was he not a witness

To all that transpired.

The mute and mum

Teacher who taught

Morality and values

To all who came to learn

And when it came to practice

Chose to remain quiet and mum!

His true feelings

The unanswered dictum

The unspoken words

The unopened letters

Remain hidden

Under the dust of time

Making many more

Dronas and Ashwathamas

How can I

The one who can see

And realize the pain of


Can curse you to

Live till infinity

And to suffer ignominy

As I still carry

The fragrance of our

Togetherness and

For old times sake

Bless you to live

And confer whole heartedly

My blessings and good wishes.



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