Why you did it to me?

Feburary 20, 2007



You taught me to excel

In academics, sports

And all other


You worked with me

Nights in a row

To help me learn

And to deeply sow

The seed to excel

To win against all

Big or small

Come on top

By doing well

I made you swell

With achievement

And pride.


When it was the time

For me to be a bride

You changed a lot

Teaching me

To fret and rot

But not to make

My lord feel

Small in any way

That I carry

The seed to swell

And sway


By doing so well!

In all spheres of life

I was made to sit

Demure and mute

To look like a doll

All decked and cute

Head covered

Eyes downcast

To look at my feet

And the earth so vast

Or the feet of my lord

Who would hence after

Would trample

My ego

My very being

That you so lovingly

had cared to nurture

Without seeing

What was held

By my future.

Why did you teach me

To excel and aim high

Why the dream was


In my dreamy eyes

That aimed at the

Open and vast skies.

If all I needed was

Tears and sighs

To look at the earth

And rejoice in the

Mirth and the glee

Of having made

Another wife

Another “She”


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