They Danced for your Glory…


The Myriad Colors of NIT Hamirpur

They Danced for Your Glory…

The Batch of 1986 and 1987 

Looking back at the old pictures, pictures of various events related to the making of NIT Hamirpur as you see it today, I reminisced about a number of happenings. Some brought smile on my face and some a rueful tear. But as they say life is a combination of the both so why to grudge? I thought of writing from my memory about some events that the old pictures refurbished.

To my astonishment I found that each picture had the ability to trigger a unique reference point, a story hidden in each of them. A story that seems to urge to be written about, to be shared with the present generation who despite having the best still rue for small things that they might lack!

The year was 1988, if I am not wrong. The then Governor of Himachal, His Excellency Vice-Admiral R.K.S. Gandhi was to come to our campus to lay the foundation stone of Civil Engineering Block (?) and the preparation for the same were in full swing. I was asked to get the girl students prepare some cultural dance item to be presented on the occasion of his visit. As we had only very few girl students at that time as we were running only two batches so almost all the girls had to participate in the event.

Those were the days when the girls would dance to the tune of local songs and not the popular beats of some filmy song. So half the girls were put in the dancing group and the other half in the singing group! We had some real talented boys who played harmonium and Tabla and provided the musical component to the song.

The first thought that invaded the mind of our girls was—“What would we wear for the dance?” We really needed proper dress for the dance and I remember how I scouted almost all the schools of the town to arrange for a proper dance dress. We were lucky that we got the colorful satin dresses for girls. At least one problem was solved.

The girls practiced hard and the harmony between the song and the action was just marvelous. Everything was set. The D-Day was sunny and bright and as the function was to be held in the open it really was a blessing. The girls needed a place to get ready but there was no building nearby except a make-shift store of Construction cell that was used as a “Green room” by the brave stalwarts. The presentation was announced by me as I was handling the announcements. Walked in the pretty damsels and stood on the floor mat waiting for the singers to start with the song. “La-a-a-a….” started they and the dancing group cam in action. Suddenly one of the girls in the singing group giggled and Lo—all of them started giggling—gigging right on the microphone. The spectators were surprised. I was angry at such display of indiscipline but they would not stop despite my icy stares. The Chief Guest, Vice-Admiral R.K.S. Gandhi, had a queer expression on his face. He never would have witnessed such a function ever before, I am sure. The girls stopped giggling after a while and all this time the dancing troupe stood bewildered in front of the spectators! The song resumed as did the dance also.


Why did your girls laugh???

It was the time for getting some prizes and I, too, was given one memento (the only one that I have till date :)).When I went to receive it from the Governor, he asked me, “Why did your girls laugh?” I was taken aback as I had not expected this question from him. I looked at him and asked, “Did you mind it?” “No, I didn’t” With an affable expression on his face replied he. “To amuse you, our girls wanted to amuse you” laughing aloud said I and he laughed with a guffaha. Everyone was laughing suddenly. These were the ways how dignitaries conducted themselves—openly and amicably—and not putting stiff and gruff expressions on their countenances. Life was simple and honest.

The Governor’s reaction saved the girls from the wrath that would have been unleashed on them that day by their warden; that was me!

By the way the picture has one very familiar face that you watch everyday—try finding it out! And don’t forget how these students danced in borrowed dresses, on the ground covered with a mat, and open in the sun, so that you could have an auditorium today!

Cheers to the Batch of 1986 and 1987!

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