The strength of my Entity!

It will not break me down

As I am not fragile

Like glass

That needs to be

Handled with care!

I am supple

Like a weed

That though might seem

Gentle, kind and weak

Has the strength

To regain and recoup

Its shape and strength

And stands tall

Gracefully to its full length

After every onslaught of wind!

I bend down

To meet the ground

But revert away

If the earth down

Is mushy and muddy

That would seep away

My life force

And would slowly

Make me go deep

Down in the marsh

A life so harsh

That my entity

Might completely crash!

I move away

Gently at first


With force and propel

When held back

Against my will.

I, too, would

Love and court

Entwine with

Rock solid support

That helps me to grow

And let me be

The real me

Though soft and supple

But proud enough to

Have a sway

In cool breeze, wind and storm

Would love to explore

The strength of my



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