Meet our Alumni…

Meet Our Alumni Batch of 1988-1992 

It was end of the semester when I had taken the last class of that batch and was a little sad. Suddenly I saw two students coming towards me—one was Nav Quirti and the other Rajesh Dharmani. Coming closer to me they handed me a piece of paper and when I opened it, I was overwhelmed by emotions as it had a beautiful poem written in equally beautiful hand! A poem that had a sentence something like “we feel human in your class…” I still must be having that piece of paper kept in some book. More than th poem it was the sentiments that the poem echoed. It was a gift for me from whole of the class. Could a teacher get a more precious gift?

And day before yesterday when Nav wrote to me,

I was talking to one of the professors in Singapore Management University, he liked my poems and I have been invited to his creative writing class for a poetry rendition! I have stopped writing poems, but writing as such has been a part of me

I felt so happy as he has still carried forward the tradition of writing. I thought of him and saw a very fair boy sitting in my class who told me, on being asked about his queer name, he sure had a very interesting story to tell. He had his choice in name to be known as! He was different and a good story teller! And I knew instinctively, here is another writer for our magazine!

And I was not wrong. I still carry some very interesting memories about him pertaining to an article that he had written for the College Magazine. The student editor of our Magazine came to me once that he has some issue to discuss. “Nav has submitted an article which is very lengthy so please go through it”. The write-up was on an all-time-favorite topic “Love”!  It was really a lengthy dissertation! I called Nav and asked him to slice it a little. “But Ma’am, I have already pruned it a lot!” with genuine concern in his voice, said he. I knew instinctively that he won’t agree to further pruning and we had not mush space to accommodate his twenty pages of foolscap hand written pages. A real Catch-22 situation! “But how could you write so much—where is the time? Quizzed I like a Sherlock Homes. “That’s not a problem. I have written about eighty to hundred pages” He shared this achievement with me. “And I write it in the period of …Sir when he thinks I am busy taking notes” I literally choked at the revelation! No, I am not going to give out the name of the teacher. Find out yourself if you can!I hope he is not writing poems even today when he is thought to be working for his employers! J

5 thoughts on “Meet our Alumni…

  1. rajeev venkat

    it would be a futile exercise to put a face to my name because even if u succeed in doing it the face you put up would be an absolutely different from the one i carry these days. no no, no cosmetic changes, just plain, simple age…:)

    i wrote this comment to correct that the people you mentioned were not from the 1988-92 batch but from the 1990-94 batch (if i remember well) certainly not from 1988-92 batch because i was in that batch & i have a fierce memory of ‘that’ batch.

    best wishes.

    rajeev venkat

  2. Thanks Venkat. In fact, it is really so helpful in filling in the gaps and putting the things right. I am so poor with numbers that am apt to err. And would you believe that it was after thinking very hard that I perceived them to be from this batch! 🙂
    Thanks dear.

  3. Aanshu Gupta

    Dear Mam,

    I was searching something in the net and came across your blog. It was so nice to read it. I am Anshu Gupta from the same batch(1990-1994. If not able to recall….One among those five naughtly girls of civil department….


    1. nandkishor goyal

      Dear anshu hi nandkishor total.hope U havenot forgotten. It was a pleasure to read U.pls contact ifu read this on 09825022284.
      Ex nit hmr civil engr1988batch.

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