Help me Solve the Riddle of my Dream…

Can’t say why am I having some very disturbing dreams these days? I feel disturbed and while seeking meaning to the dreams, am left more confused than before. As I have always tried to interpret the language of my dreams so now also have been endeavoring for the same. But in the case of my dream pulling chewing gum out of my mouth, the solution to that was in my hands and the moment I started with it, the dream vanished on its own. The recurring dream that I have these days, if I am able to read it correctly, speaks of getting rid of, for all times, the unpleasant memories that still trouble me raising their head from my subconscious!  My predicament is that I understand, to a large extent, the meaning of my dream but am not able to do anything about it. A real Catch-22 situation. One day, I am sure, when I would be able to meet face to face the source of my dream, I would be at peace with myself. Till then may be few more disturbing dreams!

2 thoughts on “Help me Solve the Riddle of my Dream…

  1. Anonymous

    Might be you have done something wrong in recent past and the idea of which is occurring in the form of dreams. Perhaps your dreams are the outcome of a wrong decision which you feel, you can’t revert even though you sometimes might wish to. Perhaps an injustice with someone who backed upon you or any other such mistake, related to something you are deep into. Solution, try find out if you unknowingly did wrong to someone you are concerned to. Try reverting, it’s not impossible after all. All the best.

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