Letter to My Little One–42


Listen to your emotions…

February 05, 2007

Dear Little One,

Today when I sat watching pictures of the Sheep Farm a very interesting thing caught my attention. If you’ll watch the pictures keenly you, too, would notice this strange behavioral differentiation in the female and the male sheep!


Jumping and Running

While it was the time to return to the sheds, the eves jumped and ran toward the stalls as they had the waiting lambs to care for.


The Majestic Walk 

But the rams just walked majestically—no hurry at all—and walked to their sheds! I could just find a correlation to our own situation, the modern work life of the so called empowered women! The female employees just rush home once the official duty hours are over whereas the male employees would sit for a while in the canteen sipping coffee, smoking a cigarette and indulging them in a so-called intellectual discussion! How interesting it is that when we sit talking, it is labeled as “gossiping” or “chatting” but for males it is “discussing” something, something important to top it al! The Google people must be smart for using the term Gtalk instead of Gchat. Imagine having a term as Gchat or Ggossip for women and Gdiscussion for men for online interaction!

Some smart farsightedness indeed.

But the sheep didn’t know anything about the gender specified roles but were led more by their emotional brain than by the rational one. It made their life as well as the life of the rams easy! I wondered what if something like George Orwell’s Animal Farm like situation develops here at this Sheep Breeding Farm.  What if some enlightened, empowered sheep, having learnt all the feminist theories, decides to awaken the downtrodden sheep from their slumber and [puts some sense (?) in them? I literally laughed aloud to imagine such a situation. But there were no enlightened ones around and all sheep did what they thought was best for them. They had a pure and simple delimitation of the roles as per the diktats of their emotions as don’t they say sheep have very faint grooves in their brain. I was happy that they had faint grooves and less of gray matter as of what use is all this if it makes you make the best of both the worlds—that only a person with superhuman power can do.Think along these lines dear.



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