Letter to My Little One–41


A Visit Back Home Rejuvenates you…

February 04, 2007

Dear Little One,

Why is it so that a visit back home to your roots rejuvenates us all? What is it that gives us the strength that we need at that moment? Scarlette O’Hara’s visit to Tara would make me wonder about the rejuvenating power of the black earth that
Tara was built upon. When it comes to me when I need to regain some lost strength, especially about my convictions or choices, I prefer to take very long walks all by myself when I cannot go to my Ma’s home. Though going to my Ma’s home would re-strengthen me in more than one ways. Going back to my Ma makes me stronger every time I visit my home. I feel a new surge of energy sweeping my very being. The wind, the scenic beauty en route and even the smiling faces of strangers, fill me up with a kind of positive energy that is much needed at that time.

Dear Little one, you, too, substantiated this very fact. When we had come visiting you in
Hyderabad, you surprised us by your decision to come back home with us and to spend a few days with us at Hamirpur. If you feel related to only people especially your own people then there was no need to come back home as we had spent some time with you but it is much more than that. It is the connectivity to the place the memories, small and beautiful, that beckon you to your place of origin. You were so happy to reach here though it is another matter that you chose to stay home rather than go out and visiting others. It is merely the feeling of being among your own that is enough. It gives you strength and a vigour and also energy to go out to the alien world to survive and excel.
But marriage in case of girls changes something. But still the connectivity to the people and place, your roots are from, remains forever. After my marriage I still would crave for my own parental home and everything small about that would make me nostalgic. I remember that once while watching a bus coming from Palampur, I felt like touching its tiers that carried the dust of my own place. I became so sentimental that wrote a long letter to my Ma. And you know your Bittoo Mama wrote back such a comforting letter to me telling me about the changed status of mine and to find my happiness among the new place and persons. It was about a time when letters were the only means of contacting your loved ones. The modern times have so many means of connectivity but the basic feelings and emotions cannot be substituted by any of them. These may provide solace for some time but physical proximity is really needed. I am, once again, looking forward to your visit home.



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