Motherly Instinct in Female Species: The Undisputed Law of the Nature…

Sheep Breeding Farm, Tal, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh


The Mother…

A fact dawned upon me in a very strange manner and I thought of sharing that with you all. I, along with my kids, had gone to Sheep Breeding Farm where, some years back, my husband was posted. During that visit to the farm we watched the young lambs, the really cute ones. Perhaps that impression was deep in my mind and when I found out during our recent visit that it was the lambing season, I wanted to recapture the magical moments of the old memories once again. Little did I know that this time another revelation would come to me straight and clear!When I went to the sheep shed I found very few eves, along with the young lambs too small to be sent to graze, to be there as almost all others were away for grazing in the open areas. The few left behind were the lactating mother eves, having borne the kid recently, some privilege indeed! The sheep yard was prepared for the arrival. The feeding tubs were full of the feed and the water tanks with clean drinking water. It was around 3:20 PM that the first flock arrived. It had the lactating mothers and some lambs. They all came running and jumping to the stall. The eves were heavy with the milk as their udder seemed so full of milk.

They seemed to have two conflicting emotions—to feed their young ones or to feed their own self—the first one dominated over the second though I could find some eves who were struggling hard to eat the feed as well! So very similar to human behavior! Some choice they had to make. I learnt that the motherly instinct, to love and care for the young ones and keeping self interest backstage, comes naturally to all females of any species. But can it be termed a sacrifice by any means?


Satiated and relaxed…

No, not a sacrifice, but another natural instinct to care for whosever needs care. And do the eves demand anything in return for the care that goes into feeding their young ones? Again a big NO! But we, the so called rational ones, demand the debt to be repaid in kind or any other manner by our young ones as a price that we put for all that we do for them when they need us. Selfish human beings! And then we say that we  have come a long way. A long way indeed!


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