In Fond Memory of Puneet Dhingra (Batch of 1987-1991)


Nothing saddens me more than untimely departure of a young life that seems so very promising. We, at NIT Hamirpur, had heard rumours about one of our student’s tragic death but as it could not be confirmed so it was never even discussed. It so happened that once one of our colleagues, watching the unsolved murder mysteries in a programme being shown on the Doordarshan, overheard the name of one of the alumni, Puneet Dhingra and was shocked to know about the way he had died. No one knows how did he die? How did he fall from the running train when there was no reason, whatsoever, for anyone to have killed him He left behind so many unanswered questions as well as so good memories of all the four years that he stayed here. We all felt so sorry as Puneet was such a nice boy. We never talked about him but when Rajeev sent me a photograph and mentioned about Puneet’s not being anymore in the world, the painful memories came out. May his soul rest in peace.

2 thoughts on “In Fond Memory of Puneet Dhingra (Batch of 1987-1991)

  1. Rajan sareen

    Ya thats true,he was my childhood buddy & was killed while he was about to get married.He was then working in Philips India.I can only say,God Bless his soul,one day he will come back again.

  2. queenienandagmailcom

    Puneet and I were good friends as kids. We went to school together, played together and I still have such fond memories till today. He was an awesome person and the news of his untimely death was such a shock. I had not met him for a long time but the memories of our friendship are still fresh in my mind. It must have been very difficult for his parents. Rest In Peace Puneet.

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