Letter to My Little One–38


Fly high as you have dreams in your eyes and strength in your wings…

January 23, 2007 

Dear Little one,

People who don’t fly high either don’t have dreams in their eyes or don’t have strength in their wings and worse still could be that they are shackled to some such bond that flying high is well nigh impossible for them. But my dear Little one you have the requisite strength in your wings, a big dream in your eyes and nothing to shackle you to a bond. Fly high. I am sad to see people dreaming big when they don’t even keep themselves in an agile state to fly. I feel sad when people having the strength to fly lack the will to fly. And sadder still are the people who have to make a compromise as they have to think of their priorities. And I am sure at some stage of their life they really feel bad to have made a compromise but it is all about making a choice. I am so happy for you that at least you are so sure of the strength of your wings and so full of dreams. All that we see around us is the result of someone’s dream. But dreaming alone would not be sufficient until you plan for realizing your dream and then executing the plans to see your dream turn into something concrete. Think of the small embroidery or a patch work that we plan for a cloth. It is the dream that we have of a possibility and then we think of the ways to plan that possibility a reality and then finally execute all the plans and who else, better than you, would be able to understand the feeling of happiness that overwhelms us seeing our dreams taking a concrete shape. Dream big, keep your wings strengthened and aim high as you are destined to fly high. Born to win!



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