Jwala Ji: Where Pride Has No Place


Jwala Ji: A Reminder to Man’s False Pride

Jwala Ji
Temple: Where Reason Bows in Front of Devotion
The wonder of the nature of the gods is best depicted at the Jwala Ji temple, at a distance of 42 Kms from Hamirpur, 56 Kms from Dharamsala and 34 Kms from Kangra. The temple is famous for the “jwalas” or the flames that emerge from nine different rocks in the temple. The temple is dedicated to Ma Durga and she is manifested in the incarnation of Ma Jwala Ji at this place. In honour of the godess the small hill place is named as Jwalamukhi—Jwala standing for flame and Mukhi for mouth. It is a temple where the Shakti is worshipped as flame! One of the fifty one Shakti Peethas, Maa Jwala ji Temple Jwala Maa is represented in the form of perpetual Jyotis – the ‘flames”. The folklore has it that as Sati’s tongue fell at this place, a temple was constructed and the devi is worshipped as Jwala at this place.According to Shiv Maha Purana, Yaksh Prajapati and Lord shiva had some difference of opinion and in order to humiliate and insult Lord Shiva, Yaksh prajapati organized a Yagna where all gods, except Shiva, were invited. Parvati, the wife of Shiva, went to her father Daksha’s home without a proper invitation and she was not accorded proper welcome. Anger and infuriated at the hurt and humiliation she jumped in the fire of the Yagna and laid down her life. It is said the Lord Shiva was so angered at the demise of Parvati that he became uncontrollable. The existence of whole of the universe was at stake as who could placate Lord Shiva’s anger once he was in fumes! And he had reasons to be angry. Lord Vishnu thought of a plan to placate lord Shiva’s anger and he cut the corpse of Parvati in several pleaces and all of them fell at different places. It is said that where ever they fell, a temple was erected in the memory of Shakti. The folklore says that Ma parvati’s tongue fell at Jwala Ji and it is named so on account of it.Another folk song attributes the construction of the temple to the Pandavas! 


3 thoughts on “Jwala Ji: Where Pride Has No Place

  1. aarkay

    Only last month I happened to visit the place for another time and paid my obeisance at the temple . Really pride has no place at Jwala ji, the living testimony is the tawa with a hole with which Akbar vainly tried to stop the flame !

  2. Deepak

    I am a first hand witness of the might of maa Jwala and have a firm and strong faith in the power of goddess Jwalaji. It has been said the goddess keeps one telling about her presence with one. The same has been experienced.

    I am a frequent visitor of the holy temple. However, at times, i am shrouded by the doubts about maa jwala. I hope if there is a real power, goddess shall keep my faith unabated!
    Jai Jwala Maa!

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