Letter to My Little One–37


We can be like Wynands if not Roarks, but never be likeTooheys…

January 11, 2007

Dear Little One,

The world may be full of Tooheys but does that necessitate us to emulate him or his tribe? Or would you be happy being a Toohey? Or was Toohey, for that matter, happy in “The Fountainhead”? I am saddened by your comment. When you start questioning your own beliefs then they are no more beliefs but just stray thoughts that come and go without making any impact on your way of life or that of others around you. This is just the beginning of life dear; and there may come many more such occasions when you would seriously doubt whether the principles that you thought would help you find a way out were really good enough? Or would you think of the “road not taken” and lament the choices that you made? You may call it inherited characters or learnt ones but the fact is that don’t question the decision you take. The world may be full of Tooheys but it does have Wynands and Reardsons as well so why not to look up to them. Everyone leads his or her life guided by certain principles or may be lack of some principles. Tooheys may be happy by the standards set by the worldly standards but how happy they are in reality is questionable.Watching us both, your Ma and Pa, lead our life led by certain morals such a thought must not even have come to your mind. Did you ever see us lament for certain so-called-losses that we might have accrued? Toohey stand for the worst that a human being can possibly be whereas Roark stands for the best that a human being can possibly be. Don’t try to be either of the two. Adopt the middle path—Wynand seems the best choice. And don’t worry about me. I am a strong person and capable of living by the values and beliefs that I have set for my life. I stand by my choices and enjoy them in spite of occasional hiccups! I must have felt weak at he time when I wroe that post but are we all not humanbeings and go weak at times?Love


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