Women Empowerment—A Pleasant Myth…

Nothing is more away from the truth than the myth of women empowerment. This truth dawned on me recently although all these years I kept a false hope alive in my heart that the situation is not that bad. Why are women marginalized in all areas of work life? Is it that they are not assertive like the males and are considered a soft target? Or is that the society still expects a stereotyped behavior pattern from the women and any deviation is strictly looked down upon. And less said about the men, better it would be as they seem to unite dissolving all differences when it comes to facing a soft target—a woman seeking power. It is not that men are against all women but they are against women who seek and strive to come on equal terms with them. It makes them afraid, terribly afraid of being usurped of the position that they cherish to maintain. If one looks at the seats of power and the occupants thereof in the long history of any organization, the fact comes to light that women have always had a raw deal at the hands of the authorities. The senior female employees are at the mercy of much junior male employees when it comes to certain assignments that are distributed equally among all, at least on the surface.And does anyone complain about this treatment meted out to women? No one. Men don’t do it as it is the prerogative they seem to relish by virtue of being men and women—who listens to them? A meek feeble voice that gets muffled in the harsh sounds made by the rousing voices of men! I shout at the top of my voice and am singled out of the ordinary and am a betrayer to the long established practice of balance of power. When I try to get what is male prerogative, I am sneered at and am the odd wo(man) out!And do I get my right—you must be joking. All my representations, pleadings, requests are buried under the mounds of rubbish that is fate of any Government organization. And I keep on waiting like a fool that someday someone will take notice of my representations and soothe the injury of my soul. But the truth remains that women empowerment is a myth that remains a pleasant myth.I am really wondering as to why am I writing? Is it to get the burden off my soul or to make myself a pleader? I am feeling as if I have started taking pity on my condition. If this is the truth then I am really in a pathetic condition. I remember that on January 1, 2006, I had written in my diary that I would not allow any negative comment to rob me of my life energy. I will retain all my positive energy and use it for all things positive. One negative comment might have ruffled a few feathers in my life but I believe that those were the weak feathers that would have fallen on their own as well. So you have rather helped me getting rid of the dead wood. I wonder why could I not see the truth earlier? Thanks anyway. I am sure that I will come out stronger after this episode, ready to face anything, even you in your worst role! Writing these posts have made me get rid of the feeling of desperation that had crept in and now I am able to see reason in the purpose of my being. Everything happens for a reason and perhaps your comment is a way of the destiny to wake me from the slumber and be the person that once I was—fiery and daredevil. 


One thought on “Women Empowerment—A Pleasant Myth…

  1. Hey Maa,

    Why do we have this character in us? I still am not able to decide if it is good to have this kind of attitude in you in this kind if world, a world which deserves Toohey and ahve lots of Tooheys!!! I inherited this character as well from you but till now am unable to decide if its good or bad !!

    Little one

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