Letter to My Little One–36


Colours You Left Behind…

January 10, 2007 

Dear Little One,My life has colour all around these days! The different coloured threads that have stuck to the carpet and everyday at some corner or the other I find a small colourful thread laughing at me. The colours that you have left behind—in the shape of threads. When I sweep the carpet and come across a thread I take that in hand and start thinking about the colour of the suit that you used that thread to stitch with. A picture of yours bending over the sewing machine would come to my mind. I would compare this picture of yours with that of yours bending over the keyboard in front of your computer and would wonder how efficiently you work on both the machines!!! I would be awestruck! I would be guilty as well for not having given you a moment’s respite when you were with me for a very short visit. I am angry with myself for having made you this way. How I wish you were a shirker for work or had some coquettish mannerism or still better were not a workaholic! But you are a passionate person when it comes to work and that makes me afraid at times—afraid for what it might lead to. My long experience tells me that there are two types of people in the world –one those who work and the others who don’t work. And people who don’t work are the happier lot because someone else does the work for them as it is the law of the nature that work must go on and who does that is of not much significance.I remember that during your short sojourn home you had carried along so many books that you planned to read and discuss sitting in the quilt with me but you carried all of them back, including two of my books as well, without even opening them. Had you not decided to do all the stitching work by yourself we would have had ample time to sit together and do some other things but you did the stitching. Whenever I pick up little tell-tale threads from the carpet I wonder why about the creative potential that you have. It is not just stitching but a way to give outlet to your creative energy. You have this creative energy in such a good amount that it has to find an outlet. Thank God it finds a way out in a creative process. I told you about people who don’t work these people do have energy but this is mis-utilized and it turns into destructive force. This might answer for the question that haunts all the well-meaning people that why is not the world that good a place as it could be. It is because of the people who spread destructive energy all around as they have nothing positive to spend it on. Though I felt bad for not having spent some leisure moments with you but looking back I find that we had more to share and laugh about when we worked together than we would have had if we had immersed ourselves in books. Each immersed in a world of her own. You have left behind the colours in my life through the small colourful threads as you have left through your memories. Thanks Little one for bringing colour in my life.Love Ma 

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