Lettter to my Little One–34


Colours of Life…

January 8, 2007

Dear Little One,When I don’t have much to do it is the old world that I turn to and sometimes watch pictures of the moments that were special to us. Surfing through pictures I came across a few that have captured the real us, bereft-of-masks, made me stop and analyze twos such pictures that you clicked one day albeit without our knowing it. I remember that day we had a hearty laugh over something very simple and you had secretively clicked the pictures. When I watched so many of the pictures of us both together, I settled upon these two for two simple reasons—one that they really depict the way we are and secondly the receding hairlines!I wondered watching these pictures about our life together and many colours of life in different hues came to my mind. I am writing about one such colour of life that is needed a lot for any successful relationship. What makes living together a fun instead of a routine that it may become after a while. It really demands courage to be yourself—just yourself—and nobody else in dealing with your soul partner. Have you observed what happens when we pose for a photograph? We take up an appearance that we think  is our best photogenic angle. Do you remember how many times we have laughed together on this account when you told me,  “why do you make a different face when I focus camera at you or when you watch your face in the mirror?” It is my dear because I think this is how I look my best. I don’t know whether I really look my best or I just believe to be looking my best. But you were always able to see through the real me and the moment I would press my lips, you would burst out laughing. Do you know what I mean to say by writing about all these small details?

It is the real you, bereft of any mask, that your life partner should be able to love and appreciate. When we take up pretensions even when we are watching a mirror reflects upon the basic trend of putting up pretensions while dealing with others as well but life together is not a small one-act-play where you can be yourself once you have played your part, it is a journey together where you have to be just yourself, bereft of any pretension!


When you captured our picture together in a manner when we didn’t know about being photographed, you were able to capture the real us! The receding hairlines, the expanding waistlines are there for all to see but the expressions on the face when we show anger, sadness, happiness and all such emotions that make us, are captured very rarely. Here in these pictures it is pure happiness that oozes out of our very being but it is not so always. Sometimes during heated discussions, we are hatred personated and it is very natural. To believe that life has only one colour—the colour of happiness—is a make-believe world something that you find in books and movies alone. Life is much more than that. I want you to be true to your own self to acknowledge the different shades of colours of life that you possess and similarly accept a person in your life with all such hues. We all are human beings and are likely to show different shades at different times.Love


One thought on “Lettter to my Little One–34

  1. You know Maa,one day even I am going to have a good partner and the kind of life you both have had! I am so very thankful to you both for providing me with this kind of family, I have seen the love and respect you have for each other and growing up in such an environment has done me more good than you can ever think of!
    Thank you and be like that always! But dont you think you should take care of your increasing waisteline???? 🙂

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