Letter to My Little One–33


January 05, 2007 Dear Little One,

I am so happy for you and am relieved to see that you, indeed, are among good people. What more can I desire for? To see the instinct for going ahead, giving your best to whatever you do—makes me proud of you. I really cannot believe that not long ago you had made yourself so despicable a creature that you yourself had developed so low self-esteem. I used to think that this is not like my daughter but would then leave everything in the hands of destiny as I am a staunch believer in fate, destiny and God. Yes, one must do his Karma and that too without any malicious intent in that but rest must be left in the hands of the God. You must have made some plans for the New Year and must be meticulously working on them, and that is like my little one. While I search in your cupboard, I come across small slip pads that you have filled with your plans, planned to the minute! I laughed aloud one day thinking about you and your detailed schedules planned a month ahead for all that you wanted to do. And you often asked me as well to be a planned person that I never was! For you wasting even a single minute out of your meticulously made schedule was nothing less than a sacrilege! Small diaries filled with the names of the chapters/books and when and how you planned to finish them. I was proud that you always fulfilled your work in the scheduled time. You are really good at time management. This is something that is inherent in you and now when you feel bad at not submitting your work on scheduled time, the same regimented style is to praise for. The same mantra works in personal management–either you are good at management or you are not, there cannot be something like middle path! People may learn management tools in B-schools but these learnt traits don’t come to their rescue when they need it the most. I am happy that you are a born manager and if you want to take control of the things around you it is only with the intent of doing your best for others.

 But for some time you had become negligent! I was not very happy but having full confidence in your ability to catch up with the lost moments would not make it a debatable issue. I wanted you to learn the lessons of life albeit in a manner that brought hurt to you. Perhaps that was the best lesson for you to have learnt in your life. I am very happy to see you emerge stronger and wiser in all respect. There are some lessons that have to be learnt this way. No short cut to learn them. And now your enthusiasm and optimism make me happy that my Little one is on the path to success. Nothing can beat you when you make up your mind and nothing can come in your way now on. Just like the protagonist of the Alchemist you have finally found your treasure though after much tribulation and trial. I am happy and proud to see my daughter the way I wanted you to be. You made me proud my dear Little one!



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