Why I Love to be back to Himachal?


The Serenity…

Every time that I travel outside Himachal I cannot help comparing my Himachal to other states and the comparison is voluntary and unconscious. I may be a little biased in my comparison but coming back to my home state is always a relief! Having traveled a lot during winter vacation coming back home, parting away from my little ones, was not easy. Somewhere deep inside me was a wish to live a little longer with them but other compulsions and priorities overtook and we returned back to Hamirpur.The feeling of homecoming was felt strongly when we crossed Chandigarh. What a relief it was to see the silhouettes of the mountains at the horizon and to feel the cool air touching my face! I loved inhaling deep the fresh air that seemed to rejuvenate my being. I took deep breaths as if my whole being was starving from the lack of mountain fresh air all these days. The feeling was heavenly!


The Tranquility…

The hills in the horizon made me crave to run barefooted in the  green valleys and smell the fragrance of the natural verve. Though it was more because of having missed the sight of hills for a very long time that made me long for such a feeling. Back home I looked at the pine trees whose branches seemed to touch the window panes of my bedroom and suddenly felt like touching them. It was a heavenly feeling. The Institute reopened on 27 December, 2006 after the winter break. The wide and clean roads surrounded on both the sides by majestic pines seemed to invite me to walk. I walked as usual to the Institute but everything looked so new and fresh to me. It was a bright sunny morning. Though the wind was biting cold yet it made me fresh and full of life. The night earlier the weather had been very cold and rough so I knew that it surely must have snowed on the Dhauladhar ranges. The name Dhauladhars stands for “ White Ranges” and it was bliss to watch the snow capped mountains at a distance. The snow from these mountains would turn into water in the rivers and that water we would have as our home supply. I suddenly craved to drink water. Inhaling the fresh air made my steps brisk and I just loved the walk to the Institute. Walking on the road that was so bereft of students seemed very awkward. I missed the students around as they add life to the campus. The lonely road suddenly seemed too long to me. But walking was the pleasure that compensated for all that I missed. I clicked a few pictures of the road and found an answer to the question that why do I walk so much everyday? I compared a few of the walks that I had in Hyderabad where I would be so uncomfortable walking on the road that had so much of vehicular traffic! And here just watching a single vehicle on the road is a sight indeed. The pine trees with their majestic head upright in the air would soothe the nerves of a walker and the cool air, fresh and invigorating, would fill the soul with freshness. The walks seem so inviting that even a cursory glance would invite me for a walk. No wonder that I walk not less than 5-6 kms everyday and sometimes even more.


The Dhauladhars…

As it had snowed the previous night the Dhauladhar ranges looked majestic, in the sunshine, wearing the white crown on the top. The snow looked fresh and virgin and even clicking a picture of the ranges seemed like a sacrilege to me. The fresh air, the sweet water and ample space to walk around—what more can I ask for? I love coming back to Himachal as I start reevaluating all those things that nature has given us and we have taken them so much for granted that don’t value them at all. It is always when I compare the place with others that I am able to see the beauty of Himachal.

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