The Year That Was 2006—In Retrospect

All things, good or bad, come to an end as so has the year 2006! As is customary I, too, am retrospecting the year in all its aspects. Looking back for some incidents that would make this year different from any other I found to my surprise that it is the impressions that I carry about various incidents that come flooding to my mind instead of the incidents. So why do we give importance to incidents or happenings, good or bad, if they just vanish away leaving faint or strong impressions behind?The impressions that I carry pertain to written words, spoken words or the expressions that went along with them. Oh! It is once again the power of the communication behind all the impressions that makes or mars our relationships. The year 2006 has made me mature, wiser and stronger in more than one way then I could think. I am really grateful to the year for a number of things. I carry impressions of my interactions with so many persons, known or unknown, and the aftermath of such interactions. Be it a bus conductor–over worked and stressed but still keeping a smiling face or a complete stranger who was able to leave many unpleasant impressions—I carry them all and have learnt so many things. But the basic truth that I have learnt is the fact that no person can be entirely bad or good but there are situations or circumstances that make a person so. Of the two types that I have mentioned above, I would like to carry forward the impressions left by a smiling Bus conductor but would prefer to forget all the not-so-pleasant ones. Looking back I am pleasantly surprised to find that there are no bad memories or impressions in my mind. Why should I carry the lad of unpleasant memories when life is t short even to carry forward the good impressions? I sincerely feel sorry for certain people who could not be what they imagined themselves to be and I feel happy for some more that were much more than what they ever thought them to be. A year of mixed impressions! A year that put to test my unfailing, unflinching trust in the basic good nature of all human beings! Thank God my trust in humanity is still intact and rather has flourished. A staunch believer in destiny I have become more so thanks to the year 2006. I have started believing more firmly that everything happens for a reason and for the best cause. So one must not blame anyone as people play only the roles that destiny makes them play.  The year 2006 has been exceptionally benevolent to me as it has given me so much. I wonder if I could have asked for more from the year 2006? Life has taken a direction for all those who are important in my life and so far the direction seems to be right one. This is one such year that would go down in my memory lane as the most happening year of my life. When I have so much to remember about the year how can I forget to mention my deep gratitude towards persons who consciously or unconsciously made this year special for all of us? I am thankful to all those people and happenings that made the year 2006 memorable, for various reasons, to me!

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