Back Home at Last…

Home-sweet home…

I always thought water to be a colorless and odorless liquid but not any more! The first thing that I did after reaching home was to drink lots of water and believe me it tasted so sweet to me. Amazing isn’t it! Having been traveling for so many days and drinking bottled water all the while had made me crave more for the mountainous water that we get as our home supply. Sometimes during the rainy season when the tap water is not so clean, we all decry the public works department for providing us with such unhygienic water. But never do we have to buy bottled water for drinking. Water filters and purifiers are the all that we depend upon during such times. But it was a different story altogether in Delhi as well as
Hyderabad. Bottled water is doing great business in all metropolitan cities thanks to the polluted water that people get as their house supply. I was glad to be back drinking water from the tap and it tasted like manna from the heaven. This reminds me of some natural water sources in Himachal that have such pure and clean water that would put the best of the bottled water to shame. Water brooks running down the hills are a frequent sight in all parts of Himachal. They not only carry clean water rich in minerals and other beneficial constituents making it an invigorating drink but are also a sight to behold. Many a times I would crave for that water while traveling and the bottled water would seem so plain that my thirst would not be quenched at all. Luckily for us we had been on a sojourn of a few days but I feel concerned for people who have to live whole of their life in metro cities drinking bottled water.
I have suddenly become a crusader for saving water and wastage of drinking water in any manner has started infuriating me. This is the result of having undergone the experience of watching undrinkable water being supplied as home supply in many big cities. But how safe is the bottled water is another of the million dollar question. Isn’t it much safer to drink water from the running brooks or clean bowaris or the water supply from rivers having their origin in the mountains than to drink it from bottles whose origin we don’t know anything about.  Now onwards it is not only home-sweet-home for me but water-sweet-water as well to welcome me back home!

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