We the Women…

November 30, 2006
4 PM
I was walking towards the Institute, all decked up as we had a photo session for the college Magazine. I carried my camera as well and whenever I carry camera, my perspective changes from analyzing persons to capturing pictures. On the way I saw her, breastfeeding her baby while another one was playing nearby in dust and stones. It has become very cold here these days but all three were oblivious to cold. She looked at me, perhaps envious of the freedom that I symbolized to her. I thought of taking her picture and suddenly felt so small even to have had this thought. In what way was I different from her? Had I not raised my kids in the same manner? Did I not work as she worked? Then what was different? Nothing! She was even much better than me as she had no pretensions to cater to!

We the Women…

 Attired in a Black Saree

With red border galore

Swiftly I walked past

Space open and vast.

Where the labour force

The humming machines

The crying kids

The sleeping infants

Worked together

To make our world

Stll better.

A feeding mother

With a baby at her breast

Had at last

Some respite

And some rest

From the repetitive

Tiring  job

Of carrying earth

And sifting stones

Where her toddlers

Played in joy and mirth.

Her look pierced me

My whole being

Was it envy

Writ large

On her face for me?

She envied my freedom

My effervescent smile

And a confident talk

An aura of energy

Abundantly released

To add to my gait

A charm and confidence.

Her dreamy eyes

Held a dream

Still unfulfilled!

Was I so happy

Blissful and content

As my swift walk

Effervescent talk

A warm smile

Projected to an eye

That could barely see

The woman inside

The tough exterior


Crumbling and in


I had so much to hide

The fake mask

The put on smile

Made me to seem brave and virile

But she was the one

Who had no demarcation

Between the real

And the fake

And together we both

Constitute a world

That we the women

Alone could see and take!


One thought on “We the Women…

  1. Hi Aunty,

    Earlier your poem “A Bonded Freedom I Crave For… ” touched the helpless soul reminding my mother at home. Now yet another abstract drawing “We the Women…”.

    Its a pleasure to see beautiful pictures drawn using words. Srijan got enriched !

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