Letter to My Youngest One…

Dear me,

This may be my first post to you but you always have been an integral part of my life,  still are and would always be. More so as you are my son!! Now don’t fget me wrong that like others I, too, am paying more atetiion to you as even you know that I have tried to be a mother to you all and not to you alone, the way it is in many Indian families.

When you called me up today to ask about the cloth for your trousers, you caught me by surprise as I had never imagined you to be so grown up that you would go and buy cloth for your trousers. You wanted to take your Papa’s counsel for that. I was so happy that you still trust our choice and value our opinion.

I want to write so much tday but am so tired that somehow would not be able to continue so some other day may be…



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