Group Photograph for Team Srijan–2006



Team Srijan–2006

November 30, 2006

When I rushed home during lunch time to have a bite, Ashutosh rang the bell to announce that perhaps we would be having a group photograph for the team srijan-2006!! My God, I looked at my clothes, Horrible they were. I wonder why do I dress so casually these days? Then I looked at Ashutosh’s face and his clothes and a guffaw of laughter escaped my mouth. God it was as we both were competing with each other who looked shabbier than the other? Forgetting about my own self the motherly concern raised its head and I asked him, “but I m sure that you would have a shave before the photograph!” His week old stubble made him look more like an errand boy than the Chief student Editor that he is! “Sure, Ma’am! I would shave it off.” He promised with a laugh.

And now the million dollar question that all women face when they have to pose for a photograph came to my mind a swell. What to wear? It was first a Salwar suit that I settled for but when I thought of our Director and how smartly dressed he was today—I discarded the first option and settled for a saree. Women would be women only I thought to myself—would a change of clothes make me nay better than I am but then suddenly what I taught during my classes in Communication Skills came to support me. Clothes make an essential part of your communication but not any more when the other party knows you too well t notice what you are wearing. J

Walking towards the college, I felt a little uncomfortable as people were wondering why this change of dress? Even my colleagues were surprised. I was much embarrassed by this. Suddenly the whiff of perfume took me by surprise and wondering who could be using it during final examination days, I was in for the biggest wonder of the world! My own boys, the members of the Team Srijan—2006, walked past scenting the air with perfumes and after shave lotions!! All had very recently shaved the stubble of the exam days and looked so fresh that I was not even able to recognize many of them. When I pointed it out to one of them, “You look so clean today!” he felt shy!



There is more to write….



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