Letter to My Little One–32

My little Impulsive Truant…

November 30, 2006

Dear Little One,

If I ask you about your favourite story from your school books, I am sure it would be “Maggie cuts her hair” an extract from George Eliot’s novel The Mill on the Floss! I remember you scouting for the entire book from my heap of books after reading this extract. I could see that you were mesmerized by the character of Maggie Tulliver. I don’t know whether you remember it or not but it was her impulsive action of cutting her hair that has become a recurring pattern in you as well. And when I observed that at all crucial stages of your life you punish your hair I am reminded of the story and how much it must have affected you. The way childhood impressions make, an everlasting, impressions on a young mind calls for a far more careful insight into the problem of what children read during their formative years.I could never visualize more how books affect our persona as this novel has affected you. Tell me if I am wrong. I may be wrong as here; too, it is my perspective at work. Then there was another chapter in one of your books “To sir with love” that you enjoyed reading time and again and pestered me to arrange the whole book for you from somewhere. Then I got the book from Somesh and you read the whole of it though you had your final examinations going on at that time!!I don’t know why I am thinking of all these memories today at this point of time. Perhaps it is that I have couriered you a black saree that you would be wearing for the party and somehow the mother in me is, once again, visualizing you to be looking beautiful. Or could be that Maggie wearing a black coloured evening gown at a ball where she steals the show from her fair and more beautiful cousin Lucy is also at the back of my mind. Perhaps it’s me that I am reinventing through you. I, too, picked up a black saree when I had to dress for a group photograph of Srijan!Ever since you came in my life I have been reliving my own past in your present and that makes me relate more to you. And I have been at times cruel to you as well perhaps I wanted to punish myself and ended up punishing you!!NO, I would not digress from the tone that the beginning of the lpost set and would rather close it.



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