Letter to my Little One–29


Don’t ever try to be a super woman…

November 29, 2006

Dear Little One,

When I log on to my PC in the morning and open my mailbox the green blink to your name greets me! I am not happy, neither am I green with envy for you to be so punctual that you are in your office so early, honestly speaking, I am angry with you. Before I say anything else let me tell you something about my life these days. You asked me one day, “Ma, are you keeping the home clean?” I didn’t know how to answer your question as I didn’t want to tell you a lie and at the same time didn’t want to make you feel that I have become very negligent towards some of the duties that come to women by virtue of being home makers. So, if you remember, I told you that my life is restricted to just one room these days, where I sleep, work, eat and do everything else…

These days I am really very busy. The end-semester work pressure, the women Workshop that we are organizing and then so many other activities are really having a toll. But despite all that I would have tea in the college canteen with all my friends and we would gossip. You find that there are two roles that we have to take up—working women and the homemaking women. It is a kind of two-in-one kind of arrangement.

I think that I have told you earlier too that the super woman has time for everything and everything is on time! A tall order by any standards. At least not for mortals like me!

But I am worried about you. You seem to be running towards the goal that would take its price from you. At the end of the day we seek an answer to our question, even after achieving something, what price we had to pay for it. Was it worth?

Did I tell you about TP who went to Bangalore for some training and came back all praise for the work culture, the pay packages and all and for some time kept on saying that he would go to IT industry. But a few days of teaching and sipping cups of tea, sitting in sun with colleagues, all his dreams of a life in IT industry went away with the wind. What I want to say is that we have had a different type of life and were able to manage both work and home but when I think of women in the corporate world and think about their future life, I really am cared. At what price would they attain success? What a life would they have? And I am more worried about the kind of future homes where mothers would be more of professionals and less of mothers.

I am not a pessimist and am not worried much about what happens to others as you know that I believe that if everyone thinks about his or her life there would be improvement in the community life. So I am worried about you little one. I want you to be a good family oriented woman and for that you would have to sacrifice a little of your dreams pertaining to career!

Perhaps because the ensuing workshop on “Personal and Professional Roles for Women” this issue has become top of my mind affair these days and your green blink made me to write about it. May be blabbering of an old lady, gone insane, living alone!



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