Letter to My Little One–30


Words Make or Mar You…

November 29, 2006

Dear Little One,

You are so obvious. Now when I am away and cannot see your facial expressions, your tag line speaks to me about your mental state. I was worried when you claimed, “Damn Tired” as this was not like you. Something unbecoming for you! When I asked you about it you said, “Feeling low, don’t know why?” Do you even understand how I, your Ma, sitting at such a distance, could feel about it? Helpless! I wanted to comfort you and talk to you. The first thing I wanted to do was to remove that tag line as it seemed to jeer at me saying, “See what effect words can have your little one!” I wanted you to be, hence forward free from the negative impact of vocabulary! I don’t say that you would not be in a low mental state but tell me what good you would have got by displaying it. I am sure that having watched it continually you must have started having more of its impact than what you had in the beginning. Have you noticed something that once we put on a pretentious role or makeover, gradually we start behaving like that. A very thin line demarcates between the real and the projected mood. And being humans we don’t even know when we cross over to the other side. When you put a negative tag line, you want others to know how you are feeling and gradually perhaps looking at the same tag line you yourself start behaving that way. Remember when I am talking to your Nani over phone, she talks in a normal manner but the moment I ask about her health she would bring about a slight change in her voice. It is not deliberate but has become a part of “attention Catching Syndrome” that almost all old people suffer from. Dear Little one, don’t use a negative tag line but always use a positive tag line. If you wear bright coloured clothes especially red when you are in low frame of mind it boosts your sagging spirits! Such a great force colours and words have in our life. So be careful. You have to be in control of your life and no one else, least of all your Ma, can control it. If you delegate this authority to someone else to control your life I don’t think you would ever be able to take control of it ever again.Love


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