Awaken The Sleeping Shakti…


November 16, 2006

The Sleeping Shakti…


Dreaming of two infants

Baby girls sweet and coy

Comfortably perched

In the arms of the father

One sleeping and

Another awake

I thought hard

To interpret the clue

Hiding in my soul

What I knew was true.

What did my dream

Wanted to speak?

My sleeping potential

And awakened


Securely perched

In the safety of my soul

Was it my father

Or the soul

Of my very being

Who carried

A message from sublime

To awaken

The sleeping latent

Creativity to strive

A break through

To arrive and announce

The sleeping Shakti’s

Great awakening

Heralding loudly

Here I arrive.

But my father

Just carried the infants

Not making any attempt

To wake up

The sleeping one

Why did he let

The infant sleep?

Or was he scared

Of the commotion

It would create?

Is he fearful, too

Of the power

The Shakti

That sleeps over

But once awakened

Might drown

The stifling world

The crippling practices

And awaken

Many a sleeping souls!


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