A Bonded Freedom I Crave For…

A Bonded Freedom: My Choice

Free of the hassles of
bringing up kids three
dreaming to wander

Careless and free,

To make up the loss

Of years gone by.

Spent in raising

Two girls and a boy!

Yearning and desiring for
A bondless spree,

Once I was free!

Years moved by

From toddlers

To young ones

Transformed you three

Much to my glee!


Time for you to move out

Break the shackles

Be free and make me free.


I wanted to hold you back

All my desires 

To be on my own

Had faded away

And all I wanted

Was you all to stay.

But your wings ready

Dreams over brimming

Left me alone

To face

Empty nest syndrome!


Away you went all
One by one
Leaving me to sprawl
In the extant of the
Newfound freedom
Of a world new
Free with liabilities few
None to ask for fresh lunch
A stuffed parantha
Or a light brunch.
I could move or sit
Gossip or rest as I wished

The euphoria of
Regaling in fresh

Newfound status
I loved to pamper and cater
To my relegated self.


But happiness

Alluded me

My waiting eyes

Constantly would see

The pictures and frames

Of years gone by

Spent together

Sharing and caring

Laughing and weeping

In a bond of love and care

In rains, cold and glare


Am I free today?

Or was free with you around?

My aching heart

Desires for the bond

Of old days gone by

Reminiscent of

Love and care

Bonded yet free

In hearts and souls

That made us see

To others’ comfort

Freedom and space

Bringing in life

bliss and grace


I want them back

To hold you close

To sit by the hearth

To rejoice and mirth

Laugh and cry

Together living by.

I realize the wisdom


The truth

Free I was when bonded

To all of you







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