Waiting for you to be Online…

The bubbling exuberance of youth

That your blink transmits

To a lonely mother

Waiting for you to be online.

Makes me go live.

A red blink of busy sign

Make my heart go haywire

For my little one

Hidden behind.

The green blink sign

And I jump with joy

To connect to chat

To share and rue

To groan and praise you

I forget that you need

Time and space

To be on your own

For a while

And take up all the time

And you graciously

Welcome me with a smile.

Am I jealous?

Of your freedom

The liberty and life

And compare albeit unknown

To self, the strife

That made my world

Not so long ago.

The conflicts of age and youth

Come to my mind

Where love and hate both

Coexist without a storm

Do I envy you?

For your sharp intellect

Confident looks

Brisk steps that project

Your life bubbling

With enthusiasm

Love and desire

Pretending not to read

Between the unspoken lines

I ping you, all the time

Despite all the fire

That the youth need.

Your tag lines

Make me happy

Make me worry

Of a little baby out there

With issues and concerns

To discuss and solve

And the selfish me

Thinks only of green blink

To welcome me

In your world

Of your dreams and hopes

And have to absolve

My selfish mind

For being an intruder

And a burden to my little one

Who carries alone

All responsibility

On her frail

But strong willed








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