My Small World Has Become Smaller…

My small world

Revolves around

Something visual

And some sound

The ringing of bell

Heralds a loving one

Calling from the other corner

To a solitary home

And a lonely mother.

I grab the phone

Hold it close to my ear

And feel as if your

Body odour permeates

Me my dear.

Is it what I imagine

Or you really smell so fresh

Lovely, sweet and cute

The baby with chubby flesh

That I held not long ago.

I hold the phone closer

to my bosom dear

your voice animated

and excited

makes your status clear

a contended wife

a lovely life

and have so mush to share

of shopping malls

the tasty meals

that you make

for your hubby dear.

of everyday trifles

and of love and care

that you both

have learnt to share.

The visual is the blink

Of being accessible now

Or offline

Gone for a meeting

I wait endlessly

For you to reconnect

To the old world

Where your mother

Waits for epistles

Of your well being

Without ever seeing

You in blood and flesh

In recent times

I see your lovely face

Peeping from gtalk

And hard you stare

At me, my room

And wonder aloud

Did I eat well?

Or dressed well to the class

I wish you could be here

To iron my clothes

Plait my short hair

Massage my scalp

With your lovely hands

How selfish am I

A mother and desire

To be cared for

Instead of caring

For my lovely kids

Struggling hard to bid

A place in a world

That is small

And well connected

Shattering all walls

Bringing space more and more

That makes us live

Closer than ever before.




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