Letter to my Little One–14

Your Passion for Work Scares Me…
November 10, 2006
Dear Little One,

Now don’t start with, all your oft repeated remarks, “Ma you are so unplanned and careless” when I write this post to you. These days you seem to be overworking and this really scares me. I know that you are passionate about whatever you do. When you were small and I enrolled you in the school, you irritated me—now don’t get me wrong—but you filled up all exercise books, meant to be filled in a months time, in a day or two! And would come to me demanding more notebooks! I would write some alphabets on the top line and you were supposed to fill in the other lines copying from my alphabets. And as you finished early and wanted more specimen lines, I would be irritated and would want you to go slow. You were all the time in hurry—I don’t know why? Something that should have made me proud, made me irritated.

These days the same pattern is being observed by your Ma though sitting so much away from you. Dear Little one, life is not work only but there are other aspects to life s well. One must not neglect one at the cost of another. You have made me worry on account of your not feeling very hungry for food and taking liquids instead. I don’t object to your taking liquids but I do find it objectionable if these juices are not being accompanied by good and healthy solid food.

Then there is another aspect that makes me worry. I suppose you must be sitting for long hours together in one posture and this definitely is not good for your physique. During your childhood when you used to sit for long time completing the written homework, I was not worried at all, as afterwards you would play for long hours. So dear, remember that physical activities are as important as are the mental ones. I know that there are neither long brisk walks nor any physical workouts for you. Remember how much we enjoyed going for long walks, jogging and religiously dancing (If it can be called that) together just to keep ourselves physically fit.

Another concern of mind is that you may also not be reading at all. What you do these days is just mechanical work. I want my little one to be a throbbing and vivacious young person and not a mechanical robot. I may be overanxious about you but these are really my concerns.

See the Parkinson’s Law speaks about the time taken to complete a work is the time that is available—the work goes on stretching when more time is available. I don’t question the validity of this law as I myself had sent you a cutting of an article based on this law. But on the other hand, there are some limitations of the mind and body that, too, should be kept in mind.

I know that once again you will say, “Ma you procrastinate things till they become unmanageable because of unplanned attitude.” Yes, you are right as today I wanted to buy a small diary, kind of reminder, to write about what I need to do, on priority basis. But then I have long been fallen in love with the kind of life that I have and it seems you, too, have started liking the life that you are leading. I am afraid that you may not fall in love with this life but then who am I to comment unless I see for myself the life that you have.

So make a wise choice.



2 thoughts on “Letter to my Little One–14

  1. Hey Maa,

    Maybe you are right in your concerns and its because you know exactly what I am doing at what point in time! So maybe now onwards I shouldn’t keep you as updated as I do!!! 🙂

    See Maa you know how I have been throughout my life till now! You remember that we used to enjoy our brisk walks and dance together but there is one thing that you are forgetting or maybe are not touching intentionally! You remember when we used to go for those brisk walks, how we used to compete! I never used to let you go ahead of me and you tried your level best to take the lead? Did we ever acknowledge this silent competition that we indulged in? No!! But one day when we, though had started for the brisk walk, were literally running, you had stopped and acknowledged for the first time that we ARE competing! There you had said that though you will always want me to win but still that will never stop you from giving your best! And that is what I am doing these days! I just am giving my best to the work that I am doing. Yes, its taking a lot of effort and maybe I am overexerting myself but you know Maa when I reach back home, though I am bone tired but still there is a very good feeling that I experience! You know the aches that I have give me a pleasure, a pleasure that I missed for one whole year! Maa I just love it!
    And you don’t worry that your daughter will end up some mechanical robot. No I will not. Yes I am indulging in a lot many new things that I never did ever in my life till now but believe me I am not letting the real me go and will never let that happen! You know me for that! Weekends are the days that are for me, just for me! I read a lot, roam around the way I aways loved to, with no mask of that modern independent, confident girl! People around me still mean a lot to me and so does their lives.

    Ya maybe I am not exerting as much as I should physically but still try to do all I can in the busy schedule that I keep (Can taking up the stairs than the lift to my office on 7th floor daily in the morning good enough? I know the answer!!)

    So dont you worry. Your little one is and will always be the way she always was !

    * Btw Maa maybe I really am in hurry and always had been! I don’t know if you know that students in my University used to call me ‘Rajdhani express’, even those who didn’t know me personally because of the hurry that they always saw me in and here again at my work place I am noticed for the same thing though I thought now I have more poise in my walk as well! 🙂

    Maybe somethings are naturally there in you. And Maa I don’t think one should try to curb the natural-self, or should I?

    Your little one

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