Letter to my Little One–10


 November 05, 2006

Don’t Bury the Past…

Dear Little One,

It amused me to read the title of your post, “Ghosts appear when someone has not been properly buried.” An interesting topic to develop your perspective on! But I just don’t get the context clear when the wrier of Zen and the art…writes these words as it is just one sentence out of context that I am dwelling upon. But on the whole, a quote worth quoting even out of the context!

This sentence could be analyzed and developed in so many ways depending on the status of your mental setup or the reference that you carry as difficult-to-shed-loads.

Now this made me think in a different perspective—a perspective that has made me write about so many things from my past–what I do most of the time is bringing ghosts out of my cupboard. When we talk of ghosts or skeletons, they connote a very negative kind of emotional response in us. Anyone in his right senses would be afraid of facing the ghosts and watching the skeletons come out of the cupboard! And from this point of view, burying deep someone that comes as a ghost or a skeleton that still lies hidden in one of the cupboards, would not be wrong. But if we are not talking in literal manner and are talking of memories of past incidents, places or persons, then can we bury them deep in the labyrinths of the mind, deep enough for them not to come up ever again. I think the answer would be “No”.  Imagine how very frightening it would be for me if I treat the old memories to be like ghosts out of the cupboards.

I would rather treat these memories as whiffs of air that carry the scent of the eras gone by and when they do come back in my life it is to fill my life with a fresh air instead of the ghostly appearances to frighten me off. It is the choice that we make. To live and take sustenance from the past, or to wallow in self pity because of the past. It is the choice that we make that would make the difference.

Dear Little one, this is how I teach perspective in my classes. I would take up any such topic that can be developed from different perspectives and then would dwell at length on that topic. It is so interesting to listen to so many perspectives as whosoever gives his verdict on any topic watches and analyzes it from the position he is comfortable in. It is one’s perception that makes the changes. And the world would be a better place to live in if instead of the negative perspective we have positive perspective.

Write to me about your perspective and let’s continue with some discussion.



One thought on “Letter to my Little One–10

  1. Yes Maa very well said that we connote negative kind of emotional response to ghosts. Thats so very true. There are two kinds of memories for me- one I will like to get back to and other I will never like to look back to! The good memories are something I will never like to leave behind and I will get back to them, when and if, possible as they kind of rejuvenate me. Maybe the memories that you get back to, the ones you call the wiffs of fresh air with the scent of eras gone by, are the good memories. But then there can be some memories that you also don’t like to look back to or maybe you selectively take the good ones out of the whole set! Kind of convenience of mind!:) The point is that as good memories exist, so do the bad memories. Ignore them, give them a new mask or bury them, they are there. You can’t choose to look at them the way you want to. If you do that you are changing something as it suits you and I think I will like to live with the harsh, cruel memories rather than giving them a different face as per my likings!I believe in facing the realities as they are. I am strong enough to do that! Whats say?

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