Euphoria for Being Free at Last From NIT Hamirpur


The Gentlemen Engineers

The Gentlemen Engineers, that we churn out every year and hand them a plum job as well before they leave the college for a greener pasture, give us once in a while a memorable shot that would be a collectors’ photograph some years hence! before-the-cheese.jpg

Pandemonium Before the Cheese…

Rummaging through the old folders on my computer, I came across some photographs that made me laugh. These photographs brought a surge of memories to my mind. Memories that make us look at past fondly, most of the time, but sometimes make us sad too!

The practice of being photographed for Srijan makes us all, the members of the editorial board, look forward to the event. Some years back we decided to have the group Photograph of all the passing out batches of our final year students for Srijan as well. Oh, what a tough job it was to get all of them at one place as the great wisdom dawned on me that it is only the class room where you can have them all together! And if the day when they were to be photographed for a group photograph happens to be the last day of the college, you cannot even imagine, in wildest of your dreams, what would happen!!

It was the evening when all the branches of the final semester students were having the last paper. We wanted to photograph them for group photographs. Since the professional photographer could not make it to the spot on time and we would not have any other opportunity of having the prized soon to be lost-to-the-world-outside students with us, it was a second or third year student who offered his services. The result is for you to see. Tearing the question papers and making them fly in the air, the final year students landed in front of the administrative Building. What a job it was to make them assemble as they felt like free birds that moment. The “untamed ones”! I envied them for being free and so happy! I could think of my childhood days when we would come out of the classes so happy like free birds when the school closing bell would go! And our teachers would make it a point to make us walk decently in queues! So, I just watched them have a field day celebrating freedom from the “Big School”, the NIT, Hamirpur.

There were so many exceptional photographs clicked by the amateur photographer that day, albeit unknowingly, and these turned out to be best pictures we had of these sophisticated students. As he was much junior to the seniors that he was clicking photographs of, he could not shout at them to stand for a while and say “cheese”! The poor fellow had to take shots where some would be standing erect and others would be just making an effort to stand! It was literally pandemonium let loose and so much so that even I and Dr, Bhowmick, too, got to talk instead of endeavouring to maintain discipline.. The euphoria was just contagious! Dr. Bhoumick was surprised but keeping his cool he sat patiently for the group Photographs! And look who has taken control of the situation?


At that time I was not very happy at the lack of manners depicted by the students but looking back at those pictures, today after a long time, brought a smile to my lips at a fond memory of watching the euphoria of students at being free at last from the bondage of NIT Hamirpur. But I am sure that you all, wherever you may be, would be missing your alma mater and these memorable moments!


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